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  • Abominable Snowman: is a creature usually described as a shaggy man-beast that is only ever briefly seen moving across snow swept landscapes, leaving behind very large footprints.  The abominable snowman is also known as the yeti.

  • Absent Healing: is a form of healing that takes place when the the person giving the healing is not in direct contact with the person to be healed.
    Some common names for healing,  include: absent healing, faith healing, spiritual healing, laying on of hands and reiki.

  • Absent sitter: is someone who has readings done about themselves while they are not present.

  • Tarot Cards - The Ace of Cups:
    Upright -
    Faithfulness, fertility, joy, love.  The commencement of creative or artistic projects.  All the positive powers of the unconscious mind.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - The card is symbolic of changes for the worst, possibly a time of barrenness, which can be either of a physical or mental nature.  Failure of love, stagnation, despair and possibly loss of faith.

  • Tarot Cards - The Ace of Pentacles:
    Upright -
    Financial change for the better, material comfort, physical well being, wealth, possessions and an appreciation of the good things in life.  The essence and luxury of the Element of Earth.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Greed, dependence upon physical pleasures for happiness, avarice, miserliness, materialism.  Lack of imagination and fear of death.

  • Tarot Cards - The Ace of Swords:
    Upright -
    Total and complete change of mind.  In its purest form the ace is symbolic of strongly constituted authority, and pursuit of ultimate truth.  Triumph, victory and success, a rebirth and a new beginning.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Confusion, exaggeration in thought, violence, destruction and the misuse of power.  Possibly death, but this depends upon other cards.

  • Tarot Cards - The Ace of Wands:
    Upright -
    An exciting new project or career. The essence of fire, creativity, inventiveness, ambition and enthusiasm.  The aggressive pursuit of new ventures.  Foundations for future success, intuition, conception, fertility, artistic innovation and manhood.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Bareness, impotence, sterility, avarice, greed.  An over confidence that ends in tears.  In a woman's spread this card may indicate trouble with men.

  • Afterlife: a life or existence believed to follow death.  It can also be life at a later time but usually after death.

  • Agent: this can have one of three meanings when pertaining to parapsychology.
    1).  The agent is the person who tries to communicate or impart information to another via telepathy or some similar means. Similarly the word describes the person communicating information in an ESP experiment.
    2).  The agent is the subject of investigation in a psychokinesis experiment.
    3).  The agent is the person who is the focus or at the center of poltergeist activity.

  • Akasha: is believed by some mystical doctrines to be a mystical, spiritual substance where "memories" are stored since the beginning of time.  It is one of the five elements in Hindu philosophy and is often described as a form of atmosphere or ether.

  • Akashic Record: a memory bank or storage place for all happenings and experiences since the beginning of time.  The Akashic Record supposedly holds records of all thoughts, feelings, events and actions.  These are not just things which have come to pass but also things that will ever happen in the future.  The "Akasha" or "Astral Light" is believed by Theosophists to contain records that persons such as clairvoyants or spiritual beings can tap into.  They do this by using their "astral bodies" or "astral senses" to gain access to these stored spiritual insights.

  • Alchemy: a medieval chemical philosophy or art, having as its asserted aims the transmutation or transformation of base metals into gold.  the discovery of the panacea, and the preparation of the elixir of longevity.  The miraculous power of transmutation or extraction.

  • Aliens:  are creatures, or beings that allegedly come from outer space possibly from other planets, galaxies, universes or even different dimensions.  They are sometimes referred to as extra-terrestrials.

  • Alien Abduction: a form of abduction or kidnapping by aliens (beings from another world), or extraterrestrial beings.  In reported cases of alien abduction, the abductee is often carried up into a spacecraft where time loss and memory loss are frequently reported. 

  • Alma: a creature reported to be of ape-like appearance that inhabits the mountains in central Asia, which was up until a few years ago part of the Soviet Union.
    Although not as well known as the Yeti and Bigfoot stories about the Alma suggest that it is a creature more akin to a hairy human than an ape.

  • Alpha Rhythm: a pattern of smooth, regular electrical oscillations in the human brain.  These normally occur when a person is awake and relaxed. The machine used to record these waves is called an electroencephalograph, or EEG.  Alpha Rhythms have a frequency of 8 to 13 hertz.

  • Alpha Wave: a pattern of smooth, regular electrical oscillations in the human brain.  These normally occur when a person is awake and relaxed. The machine used to record these waves is called an electroencephalograph, or EEG.  Alpha waves have a frequency of 8 to 13 hertz.

  • Amulet: an item that is worn as a charm to help combat disease, evil and or witchcraft.  It is an item worn as a preservative piece of jewelry and used for the protection of an individual against things that are generally considered to be bad. 

  • Ancestor Worship: a religious practice which involves the honouring and veneration of ancestors.  Ancestor worship is literally the worship of ones ancestors.

  • Ancestral Being: are spirit entities from the early days of the world, according to the Dreamtime or Creation myths of Australia's aboriginal tribes.  Modern science dismisses these ideas as purely the stuff of fantasy but many aboriginals firmly believe in their continued existence.

  • Ancient Anomalies: are ancient artifacts which just don't appear to fit in with the accepted view of archaeology or history.  for example in Antelope Spring in Utah a 500 million year old fossil has been found which is said to reveal a trilobite crushed by a sandaled foot.  Archaeology suggests that man was not walking the earth at this time let alone wearing sandals hence the anomaly.

  • Angel: a spiritual being that is believed to be much more powerful than a human. Angels are composed of ethereal matter, thus allowing them to take on whichever physical form best suits their immediate needs. In Christian, Muslim, Jewish and other theologies an angel can be one who acts as a messenger, attendant or agent of God.

  • Angelolatry: nis a term used to describe the veneration or worship of angels.

  • Angelology: is a term used to describe the study or science of angels.

  • Angelophany: is a term used to describe the visible or otherwise tangible manifestation of angels to human beings.

  • Animal Psi: an animal's ability to exhibit parapsychological phenomena or Psi. 

  • Animism: a belief in the existence of individual spirits that inhabit natural objects and all living things, a belief that everything possesses a spiritual essence or soul.  The word is derived from the Latin "anima", meaning soul.  It can also be the belief in the existence of spiritual beings that are separable or separate from bodies.  Alternatively animism is the hypothesis that an immaterial force animates the universe.

  • Announcing Dream: a dream that is believed to signal the rebirth of an individual.

  • Anomalous Cognition: a form of information transfer by an unknown means and without sensorial stimuli. 

  • Anomalous Experience: is an umbrella term for types of strange or weird experiences which science does not yet fully understand or cannot yet explain.

  • Anomalous Peturbation: another term for psychokinesis.

  • Anomalous Phenomena: strange naturally occurring phenomena that science cannot yet define or explain.

  • Anomaly: An occurance or condition removed from ordinarily understood experience. 

  • Anoxia: the absence of oxygen in inspired gases or in arterial blood or in the tissues.   This type of lack of oxygen in the brain - cerebral anoxia is sometimes cited as a possible cause of the near death experience.  For example a lack of oxygen in the brain may cause it to malfunction and thus produce the images associated with near death experiences.

  • Anthropomorphize: The humanocentric tendancy of imposing human perceptions and priorities upon spirits and other wordly creatures or forces, assuming that all consciousnesses must be akin to ours on some basic levels. 

  • Apparition: a specter, ghostly figure or even a sudden or unusual sight.  The term apparition is usually another name for ghost.

  • Apport: is an object that is physical in nature and appearance, which has materialized apparently from nowhere.  These type of objects are usually associated with both physical mediums and seances.

  • Archangel: in medieval angelology archangels were high ranking angels who belonged to the eighth of the nine ranks of the Celestial Hierarchy. 

  • Artefact: is a term used in parapsychology to describe evidence of supernatural phenomena that is not genuine, faked or that has been falsified by purely normal means.

  • ASC (Altered State of Consciousness): a brain state differing from normal consciousness.  Sometimes associated with the transportation to a higher realm of consciousness or mystical experience.  Feelings experienced during an altered brain state can be both pleasant and unpleasant.

  • Astral Body: the word astral on its own means relating to, resembling or emanating from the stars.  However an astral body can be defined as the ethereal counterpart of a human or animal body.  In other words it is a supersensible part of the body which theosophists believe exists alongside the human or animal body and it is that part which survives the death of the human, animal or physical body.  It is also thought to be the supersensible part of the body used to travel on the astral plane and through the Akasha.

  • Astral Plane: the word astral on its own means relating to, resembling or emanating from the stars.  The astral plane however can be likened to the Akasha, namely a place where all the thoughts, memories, fantasies and dreams of everyone in the world exist.

  • Astral Spirit: the word astral on its own means relating to, resembling or emanating from the stars.  Astral spirits are those formerly thought to inhabit heavenly or celestial objects for example stars or planets.  Astral spirits in the Middle Ages were represented as spirits of the dead, spirits that originated in fire and also as fallen angels.

  • Astral Travel: Belief or theory that a person's spiritual awareness can temporarily detach itself from the physical body, remaining connected by what is called the "silver cord," and experience things in other locations, time frames or dimensional planes. Some refer to this as "Astral Projection" or "Mind Projection."

  • Astrology: a form of fortune telling or counseling for the individual, which is done through the interpretation of the motions, movements and positions of celestial objects. 

  • Atavism: this is the phenomena whereby after several generations of absence, a chance recombination of genes causes a certain characteristic in an organism.  Sometimes called a throwback.  It can also be the return of a trait or type of previous behaviour that has laid dormant for a period of time.  It is also where a species or organism is born to its original ancestral state, whereby its genes are more similar to those in the distant past rather than those that are currently associated with that species.  A reversion to an ancestral type of character.

  • Atland: is a northern continent called Atland which although totally lost like Atlantis still differs considerably.  Atland was supposedly a semi-circular mass situated off the Netherlands' Frisian coast.  the climate was allegedly subtropical and its inhabitants highly contented up until 2193 BC when a great catastrophe destroyed the area, but not all of the inhabitants. 

  • Atlantis: according to Plato (c.428-c.348), Atlantis was believed to be a vast island continent, situated to the west of the Pillars of Hercules (the straits of Gibraltar).

  • Augury: an event that is experienced as indicating important things to come; an omen or sign that something is coming; "he hoped it was an augury"; "it was a sign from God". It also means a prediction, prognostication and indication of the future.

  • Aura: an emanation, breath or radiation that is invisible to the naked eye. It is often thought to be an invisible surrounding glow emanating from each individual. Kirlian photography deals with the supposed art of photographing this type of phenomena.

  • Automatic Art: a form of both automatism and dissociation, whereby a person can often produce works of art without them being consciously aware that they had done it.  In certain cases clairvoyants sometimes claim to be able to produce pictures of people's deceased loved ones in a similar manner.

  • Automatic Writing: is very similar to automatic art and is, like the latter, a form of both automatism and dissociation.  Often a subject can produce writing that is not in their own writing style, which sometimes conveys messages that appear to have originated from deceased persons.  Alternatively they can gain insights from their writings to things that they may not have consciously known beforehand.  Clairvoyants are usually associated with this type of activity.

  • Automatism: a theory that the body is a machine whose functions are accompanied but not controlled by consciousness.  It is a state whereby physical activities such as drawing, painting, dancing, writing and musical performances can be done by an individual without them being consciously aware of their actions.  Automatism can be a form of dissociation.

  • Autoscopy: is associated with looking back at ones own body from a vantage point or position outside of the physical body.  It associated with astral projection, as in the out of body experience which occurs when the astral body leaves the physical body and goes on a tour of the physical plane.
    Autoscopy is also associated with seeing one's double or duplicate of one's own body.

  • A.V.P: 'Audible Voice Phenomena.' Disembodied "voices" and sounds heard audibly by the living.


  • Ba: a concept originating from the ancient Egyptians, ba, is not dissimilar to the modern concept of a soul, the supersensible part of a person's essence that is believed to be immortal.

  • Ball Lightning: is an unusual phenomenon and exceedingly varied in form.  Typical descriptions include: a spherical shape of any colour and ranging in size from a marble to a football.  Normally the appearance of ball lightening coincides with a thunderstorm. The phenomenon can materialise within confined spaces and buildings and their duration can be anywhere from seconds to minutes.  It is common for the spheres of ball lightning to appear as if the have a 'sense' of direction or 'purposeful' motion rather than simply drifting around.  Humans are rarely reported as being injured by ball lightning although sometimes great damage is caused to surrounding inanimate objects.  Normally the phenomenon vanishes silently or disappears with a loud bang.  

  • Banshee: is a name given to a female spirit, which can be found in Irish and Scottish folklore.  The wail of a banshee is associated with the foretelling of an imminent death in the house, outside of which the banshee has previously visited.  An omen of impending death in a house, a banshee is a female entity said to herald death by groaning and screaming. 

  • Baphomet: Demon character supposedly worshiped by the Knights Templar in 14th century France. Some present day practicioners of the black arts regard Baphomet as a "god" of lust and regeneration, or as symbolic of the Devil.

  • Banishing: Formal, ceremonial, procedure effected to cast an invisible presence or influence out from an area. 

  • Bardo: is an intermediate state of existence, that usually refers to a state between life and rebirth.  The term has its roots in Tibetan Buddhism.

  • Barnum Effect: is a term that is used in psychology.  It is the tendency for people to accept very general or vague characterizations of themselves and take them to be accurate.  A good example of this can be seen when people believe what is said about them in psychometric tests, personality profiles, astrological predictions, and so on. This phenomenon is named after P. T. Barnum, who believed that a good circus had "a little something for everybody."

  • Basic Technique: is a term that is used in card guessing tests of clairvoyance.  The top card of the deck is removed and placed to one side after each guess.

  • Bat Man: is a bat winged humanoid and a phenomenon that comes from the Russian Far East around the Primorskiy Kray Territory.   The bat man or letayuschiy chelovek, which translates, as 'flying human' is also famed for its eerie cry, likened to a woman's scream but ending in a 'lugubrious howl'

  • (Spectral) Battles: are rather dramatic examples of haunting ghosts.

  • Beast of Bodmin Moor: is a black panther like creature that is believed to inhabit Bodmin Moor in Cornwall. 

  • Beast of G'vaudan: was described as being a huge wolf-like beast, which killed its victims 'by savagely tearing out their throats before devouring their bodies or simply ripping them apart'. 

  • Bermuda Triangle: is also known as the "Devil's Triangle".  It is an imaginary geographical area, which is located off the southeastern Atlantic coast of the United States, and bears some resemblance to a triangle. 

  • Bible Code: a computer program that is designed to look for key words in the Bible that are hidden in a form of code.  Since it's discovery by an Israeli mathematician Dr Eliyahu Rips, a leading expert in 'Group Theory' namely the underlying branch of mathematics to 'Quantum Physics'; the Bible Code has attracted much interest. Details about the Bible Code hit the headlines when a book was first published about it in Great Britain, by Weidenfeld and Nicholson in 1997. 

  • Bigfoot: A bulky, hair covered, bipedal humanoid which appears to possess both human and ape-like characteristics. Also known as Sasquatch and Yeti, depending upon locale. Sightings of these creatures have for centuries been widely reported.

  • Biker Ghosts: are ghosts which allegedly appear to be solid, real people and are said to hitch lifts with unsuspecting motorbike riders.  It is somewhat unclear whether or not this truly is a genuinely reported phenomenon or simply an urban myth. 

  • Billet Reading: is a procedure that involves placing a secretly written question on a piece of paper.  This paper is then folded and sealed up inside an envelope and then given to a psychic, who then attempts to answer the question contained within.

  • Bilocation: is the ability to be, or be seen to be, in two different places at once. It is a state or power, that has sometimes, been attributed to some of the saints. It is existence or the ability to exist simultaneously in two places.

  • Black Dogs: There have been countless reports of phantom like creatures of canine form, which have been termed, black dogs, devil dogs or hellhounds. 
    Even though these creatures go by different names depending on their location throughout the British Isles they all share very well defined traits.
    Allegedly they are as large as Labradors or Alsatians and are usually described as being black, often with shaggy coats.  They are said to exude a distinctly sulphurous smell and their crimson eyes glow like fire.  Although appearing to be solid they can apparently disappear at will, sometimes in a fiery explosion. It is said that anyone who touches one of these beasts usually dies shortly afterwards.  Even the act of seeing a black dog is believed to be an omen of doom.
    These beasts are said to frequent more restricted localities such as a specific country lane, churchyard or riverbank.  They are not known for straying very far from their established territory that is often associated with ancient monuments, or ley lines marking out postulated channels of earth energy.

  • Bleeding Bread of Bolsena:  is a medieval mystery which science has recently revisited.  According to legend, during a 13th century mass at Bolsena in Italy, some bright red blood is said to have manifested on the sacramental wafer. However this 'miracle' has recently been recreated in a petri dish in 1994.  Dr. Johanna Cullen from George Mason University in Virginia, found that by incubating the Serratia marcescens bacteria, a similar effect produced by the Bolsena bread could be achieved.  The bacteria thrive on starch and within three days of her experiment several blood red spots appeared on a wafer.  It could be that a simple case of contamination may be one explanation for this miracle.

  • Bogey(-Man): A grim spectral figure who delights in menacing mortals with rather gruesome pranks and abductions



  • Cabbala: sometimes called Kabbalah has two meanings; the first being a body of mystical teachings of rabbinical origin, which are based on an esoteric interpretation of the Hebrew Scriptures.  The Cabbala is also known as a secret doctrine resembling these teachings.  A traditionally secret esoteric or occult matter.

  • Cabinet: a piece of equipment or furniture resembling a curtained enclosure or box where a physical medium is secured.  Often strange inexplicable phenomena manifests from the box, in the form of moving objects, playing instruments or lights.

  • Call: a parapsychological term used to describe the response given in a card-guessing or other ESP test, by the person or subject being tested.

  • Candomble: is a spiritist religion from Brazil. 

  • Card Guessing: is a type of experiment which tests for the presence of ESP.  The subject is asked to guess the identity of a series of cards. A variety of card types can be used for this, for example, zenner cards. 

  • Cartomancy: is a form of fortune telling using cards.

  • Celestial: is a term which refers to something of, or relating to: heaven, the divine, or the spirit, for example: a heavenly being, a God or angel.  The term can also refer to the supremely good or sublime for example, celestial happiness and celestial peace. Planets are described as celestial bodies as they also relate to the heavens and the sky.  

  • Celestial Bodies: are objects, of or relating to the sky or the heavens.  

  • Celestial Hierarchy: to understand about the celestial hierarchy it is important to know exactly what an angel is.  Briefly it can be described as: a spiritual being that is believed to be much more powerful than a human.  In Christian, Muslim, Jewish and other theologies an angel can be one who acts as a messenger, attendant or agent of God. 
    Regarding the celestial hierarchy, the majority of scholars believe that angels are divided into clearly defined ranks.  Depending on the rank of the angel it will have separate honors and duties.

  • Celestial Light: according to belief, is the sacred light of all ages, The celestial light was but one of the seven precious gifts enjoyed by Adam before the fall and to be granted to man again only in the Messianic time.  It is also the halo emanating from certain visions of a mystical nature.  However it can only be observed by those who have lived ascetic lives, and when life has almost left the body.

  • Cereology: is the study of the crop circle phenomena. In it's simplest form a crop circle consists of a single circle, within which all the corn stems are flattened to the ground but not broken, simply bent at their base.
    Often the circle has an outer ring whose stems are also bent, but almost invariably in the opposite direction to those within the remainder of the circle.  Sometimes the circle is surrounded by an equidistant series of much smaller circles or satellites that may or may not be linked to the principal circle by channels.  Other circles may contain narrow rings of unbent stems, sandwiched between the main body of the circle and the outermost ring of bent stems.  They mysteriously appear, usually at night in fields of corn or other crops.

  • Tarot Cards - The Chariot:
    Upright - Triumph over adversity, overcoming life's obstacles, decisiveness and ambition in achieving one's goals, well deserved victory.  A period of struggle ending in worldly success.  Self control, effort, perseverance.  Working within the boundaries of one's life to build up a successful existence.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - A disregard for others, envy, avarice.  Loss of control and chaos in one's personal life possibly due to personal flaws.  Imbalance. Destruction.  A warning against overwhelming ambition and high expectations.  The continuation of outdated ideas and traditions.  

  • Chiromancy:  is another word for palmistry and like palmistry is a method of foretelling future events and divination.

  • Chupacabra: Spanish for Goat sucker. In Puerto Rico, for twenty some years, numerous livestock and stray pets have been found with throats torn out, drained of blood and bearing mysterious puncture wounds. On the scene sightings of the creature supposed responsible are exceedingly rare, and descriptions always include "glowing red eyes." Locale and the absence of distinct tracks rule out either wolverines or monitor lizards, both of which always drag off their prey. The most feasible suggesion is a coyote or feral dog, but again, the behavior doesn't match. Whatever is the true culprit, Chupacabra has become a popular sensation on the island. 

  • Communicating with Animals: is a phenomenon that involves communicating with an animal on a much higher level than simply talking to it. The phenomenon involves some level of psychic ability, that may be possessed by everyone. 

  • Continuance: Commonly refered to as life-after-death, survival of the psyche post cessation of the biological organism which had generated it.

  • Cleansing (Psychic): A less ritualized fom of exorcism, where-in a dwelling or site is purified and malevolent influences are banished through prayers, spoken as the petitioner moves through the area.

  • Cosmotheism: is quoted as being: "a Religion that positively asserts that there is an internal purpose in life and in the cosmos, and that there is an essential unity, or consciousness that binds all living beings and all of the inorganic cosmos, as one.

  • Crisis Apparition: these are visions of persons, who at the time of their appearance are undergoing some form of crisis.  For example a severe illness, an injury or even death.
    The theory behind this phenomenon is that the afflicted person (the sender or agent), who is either ill or dying, sends out telepathically an image of themselves to someone who has a close relationship with them.  It is thought that in general the sender or agent is unconscious or unaware of sending any message. However in the case of a death crisis, where the sender/agent actually dies, this is clearly difficult to verify.
    Apparitions that are seen hours after death are put in to the category of "delayed" crisis apparitions. Some psychical researchers even go as far as to suggest that the agent transmitted the picture while still alive even if they were at the actual point of death.  

  • Crop Circles or Cereology: in it's simplest form, a crop circle consists of a single circle, within which all the corn stems are flattened to the ground but not broken, simply bent at their base.

  • Crypto-zoology: The branch of paranormal research which deals with the exploration of legendary creatures such as Bigfoot, lake and sea monsters, thunderbirds, etc. It should be noted that the Giant Squid (the "Kraken"), orangutans (the "Red Men of the Forest"), Komodo Dragons and gigantic Nepalese elephants all were formerly included in the roster of fabled creatures!

  • Crystals: are formed in cavities or hollows in the Earth's surface and grow from natural solutions in a fixed pattern that varies in crystal types.  The energy field or aura produced by a person interacts with the pattern the crystal and causes it to respond to human energy.  Crystals are often used in healing.

  • Crystal Skulls: Five human skull models, exquisitely crafted in antiquity from solid quartz crystal, have been found in various locations throughout Latin America, the best known of these being the 'Mitchell-Hedges Skull,' discovered in 1924 in the Balese Jungle of Labuton by Anna Mitchell-Hedges while on an expidition with her father, and still in her possession in Canada. The others are kept in collections in Guadamala, Texas, the Smithsonian and the British Museum. Mayan legend tells that eight more crystal skulls remain, and that by the time all thirteen are united, mankind will have learned how to extract and decipher the vital information, history and revelations, which they contain.

  • Tarot Cards - The Suit of Cups:
    a suit of the Minor Arcana    


  • Daemon (Daimon): a guardian spirit or guardian angel often associated with the communication of advice and inspiration.

  • DAT (Decision Augmentation Theory): a theory associated with an attempt to reconceptualise psychokinesis as a precognition-based selection process rather than one of actual influence.

  • DMILS (Direct Mental Interaction with Living Systems): a term used to describe instances where one person tries to influence a biological system from a distance.  Often the biological system is the physiology of another person.

  • Death: is normally understood to be the cessation of all vital phenomena without capability of resuscitation, either in animals or plants. It is the extinction of an organism's life.  However there are many doctrines and religions that do believe there is some form of spiritual or mental survival of physical death.

  • Tarot Cards - Death:
    Upright - The beginning of a new life. As a result of underlying circumstances transformation and change.  Major changes.  The end of a phase in life which has served its purpose.  Abrupt and complete change of circumstances, way of life and patterns of behaviour due to past events and actions.  Alterations.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Change that is both painful and unpleasant.  A refusal to face the fear of change or change itself.  Agonising periods of transition.  Inertia.  Lethargy. Mental, physical or emotional exhaustion.

  • Death Birds: are mysterious creatures that are in fact a variety of bat that has a penchant for human blood.  This is how they attained their name death birds.  The archeologist Byron de Prorok is said to have learned of this phenomenon in 1936, while traveling through southern Ethiopia.  The death birds were said to inhabit Devil's Cave - a cursed cavern near Lekempti.  It was here that de Prorok encountered the bats.

  • Death Clicks: is a strange phenomenon that has its origins in Samoa.  Like the wailing banshees of Ireland, believed to predict the imminent death of someone in the household; death clicks are the sudden onset of persistent and loud clicking that sounds throughout the house of someone who is going to die soon. 

  • Deathbed Visions: is a phenomenon, whereby a dying person has an awareness of the presence of dead relatives or friends.  These deceased persons who visit the dying, are said to visit at the time near death, to help the sick person 'cross over to the other side'.  In other words, to help the dying person with the transition from life to death.  There have been documented cases where the person who is dying has actually seen someone on their deathbed, that they could not have possibly known had already died before them.  This type of report tends to add some weight to the phenomenon.

  • Decline Effect: is a decrease in a subject's performance in a PSI test, when the same test is repeated.  The opposite of this is the incline effect.

  • Deja Lu: comes from French, which literally translates to 'already read'.  In English the term is associated with reading something entirely new, but having the distinct feeling of having read the article, book or newspaper etc. before.  In other words, the illusion of having already read something actually being read for the first time. 

  • Deja Vu: comes from French, which literally translates to 'already seen'.  In English the term is associated with seeing or doing something entirely new, but having the distinct feeling that the experience had been done before.  In other words, the illusion of having already experienced something actually being experienced for the first time. 

  • Delayed Crisis Apparition:  are apparitions that are seen hours after death and are put in to the category of "delayed" crisis apparitions. 

  • Delta: is a term that is used to describe any form of anomalous experience. 

  • Dematerialisation: is a strange, unusual or paranormal fading and/or disappearance of an object. 

  • Demon: is one of the evil spirits of traditional Jewish and Christian belief.  A demon is typically regarded as being an evil supernatural being or a devil.  Demons are also found in pagan mythology where they are described as being spirits, or immaterial beings, that hold a middle place between men and deities. 
    Hostile and resentful entity, supposedly of non-human origin, which some believe to be "fallen (from grace) angels."

  • Demoniac: is a human being possessed, influenced or even produced by a demon or evil spirit; generally a person whose faculties are directly controlled by a demon.  The word also relates to a person who resembles or possesses the characteristics of a demon or evil spirit. 

  • Deport: is the strange, unusual or paranormal movement of an object from a secure and enclosed space. 

  • Tarot Cards - The Devil:
    Upright - Money matters.  Feeling the burden of the material side of life. Desire for physical and material things.  Feeling of frustration and oppression.  A tendency to collect and hoard money and material objects.  Lust.  Sexual obsession.  The querent's knowledge of his or her own needs, wants and desires.  Security versus creative or spiritual fulfillment.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - True evil.  Abuse of authority.  Material success is the focus to the exclusion of all other things.  Uncontrolled ambition.  Greed.  Bondage to a person or situation or thing.  Emotional blackmail. More severe forms of the above.  True evil.

  • Dionysius the Areopagite:  is a figure of influence in Christianity, he is sometimes regarded as an "apostolic Father". However this enigmatic figure remains an unknown author.  He is sometimes called "Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite" in order to distinguish him from the figure of the same name mentioned in Acts 17:34.  Dionysius is the author of three long treatises (The Divine Names, The Celestial Hierarchy, and The Ecclesiastical Hierarchy) one short treatise (The Mystical Theology) and ten letters expounding various aspects of Christian Philosophy from a mystical and Neoplatonic perspective.  His writings are said to date around 500 A.D., There are various hypotheses about the actual date of these writings, ranging anywhere from 300 A.D. to 544 A.D.
    The Corpus Dionysianum of Greek theological and mystical writings long attributed to Dionysius the Areopagite, contain eloquent poetic language and strong exposition of ideas making it a classic of western spirituality.

  • Doppelganger: German for "Double-goer." A person's duplicate or identical counterpart, seen as a result of bi-locational or astral travel. This phenomenon has been overshadowed by the more modern (and viable) concept of cloning, with its speculative ramifications.

  • Dover Demon: is described as a peculiar entity with glowing orange eyes, standing around 1 metre or (3-4 feet) high, with rough, peach coloured, hairless, skin.  Like the Cree Indian accounts of the mannegishi; the dover demon is said to have a disproportionately large head in comparison to its body.  Its legs and arms are reported as being long and thin, with slender and supple fingers.  The creature was reported by a 17 year old called Bill Bartlett.  On the 21st of April 1977 at around 10.30pm, while driving with two friends through Dover, Massachusetts, his car's headlights 'suddenly illuminated a peculiar entity picking its way along a stone wall at the side of the road'.  The creature has never been satisfactorily identified, although there is some similarity to the mannegishi creature that is native to the mythology of the Cree Indians of eastern Canada.

  • Druid: A Celtic priest of the Bronze or Iron Age, trained in healing, divination and astronomy, whose tradition was passed on to successors by oral tradition.                                                                                   


  • Earth Giants: over the years a number of gigantic human skeletons have been unearthed.  The most distinctive of these were the remains of some American giants found in the 1880s at Tioga Point, near Sayre in Bradford County, Pennsylvania, as recounted by Robert Lyman in Forbidden Land.

  • Earth Quake Effect:  a phenomenon of a room shaking as if in the middle of an earth quake. 

  • Ecstacy: is a state of emotion  or altered state of consciousness, that can be so intense that the person experiencing it is carried beyond rational thought and self control.  A state of ecstasy is associated with feelings of intense, pleasure, joy or delight.  Sometimes a state of ecstasy is associated with a trance-like state of rapture and frenzy, associated with prophetic or mystic exaltation. 

  • Ectoplasm: A filmy, quasi-solid substance which supposedly issues from the bodies of mediums during trance states. In photographs, this phenomenon seems to resemble soaked muslin fabric. 

  • Tarot Cards - The Eight of Cups:
    Upright -
    A turning point, a severing of links with the past, which have become outdated.  A turning away from established relationships and objects of affection, to facilitate progress to newer and deeper things.  A change of perspective a change of viewpoint.  Security and attachment.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Abandonment of that which has been well founded in order to pursue an impossible ideal. Fantasy and risk.  Restlessness and recklessness. 

  • Tarot Cards - The Eight of Pentacles:
    Upright -
    The use of one's skills and personal interests to rewarding and profitable ends.  Reaping the fruits of one's labour, a small increase in money.  An advantageous card for any talented or enthusiastic individuals.  To enjoy lasting success efforts should be continuous and not halted prematurely.  Thriftiness.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Inappropriate use of energy and skills for unsuitable ends.  Dishonest dealings in business affairs.  Short term gain at the expense of long term profit.

  • Tarot Cards - The Eight of Swords:
    Upright -
    Jealousy, often from colleagues or family, crisis and enforced isolation, illness and oppression, major difficulties and adverse circumstances dictated by fate.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Hard work reaping little reward, frustration, despair, depression.  Effort being exercised in the wrong place.  Change and liberation.  A moving away from a problem rather than finding the solution to it.

  • Tarot Cards - The Eight of Wands:
    Upright -
    Understanding and harmony.  The time and conditions are right to facilitate success.  A process of speeding-up and an end to delays.  A time for 'grasping the nettle', taking the initiative or taking charge.  This card also indicates: important journeys, correspondence, and favourable news.  A card of hope.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Disputes and disagreements.  Great effort and a driving force that is totally wasted through the running out of steam.  Silly, spontaneous actions.  Cancelled journeys and possibly redundancy or sacking.  Jumping in both feet first before testing the water.

  • Electrokinesis: is the the term used to describe the generation of electricity from the mind. 

  • Electromagnetic Field: is the field of force associated with electric charge in motion. It has both electric and magnetic components and contains a definite amount of electromagnetic energy.

  • Electrodermal Activity: is a term used to describe changes in the skin's ability to conduct electricity. 

  • Elementals: In magical tradition and ceremony, spirits which govern the four corners of the earth and are associated with, or reside within, the four basic elements. 

  • Tarot Cards - The Emperor:
    Upright -
    Competitiveness, forcefulness in development and execution.  Authority, structure, governmental and corporate identities.  Worldly power, self control gained through experience.  Ability to shoulder responsibility. Powerful individuals, ambition together with the possibility of long term achievement.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Loss or dislike of authority, corporate governmental or parental.  Immaturity and indecision.  Weakness, manipulative friends or colleagues.

  • Tarot Cards - The Empress:
    Upright -
    The promotion of well-being and security.  Creativeness in financial affairs, love and parenthood.  Maternal care, domestic stability, abundance and material wealth.  Fertility, security, achievement of goals and growth.  Depending on surrounding cards - sometimes marriage and pregnancy.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Possible domestic problems, financial difficulties, lack of affection and achievement.  Creative blocks and possible problems with a relationship.  Infertility, sterility or promiscuity and/or unwanted pregnancy.  Poverty.

  • Entity: A disembodied "consciousness" commonly referred to as ghost, spirit or (if of an apparently malicious or resentful nature) demon.

  • E.V.P: 'Electronic Voice Phenomena.' Disembodied "voices" and sounds imprinted on audio recording devices.

  • Exorcism: Ceremonial expulsion of invading spiritual/demonic entities from a person or dwelling, present in virtually every worldly culture.

  • Exorcism, Minor Rite: Ceremonial expulsion of invading spiritual/demonic entities from a dwelling.

  • Exorcism, Solemn Rite: Ceremonial expulsion of invading spiritual/demonic entities from a person.

  • Extra-terrestrials: Life forms originating   on planets other than our own.   



  • Fairy:  an inhabitant of the mythical land of Fays, Fairyland collectively Enchantment.  A mythical small being with human form, popularly believed to possess magical powers and a capability to interfere in human affairs (with either good or evil intent).  Today fairies tend to be represented as enchanting beautiful females, usually with wings.

  • Faith Healing:  a form of healing that is usually associated with a belief in a divine being and the power of prayer exerting a beneficial effect upon a sick animal or human. A spiritual form of healing used to help the afflicted recover from their ailment or illness.

  • Fakir: is the word used to describe either a Muslim religious mendicant or a Hindu ascetic or religious mendicant, particularly one who performs feats of endurance or magic.  Fakirs are often associated with performing feats of magic such as 'the Indian rope trick' or charming dangerous snakes using musical instruments. 

  • Fallen Host: these are angels that have fallen from God's grace.  Although rarely mentioned in biblical scripture these beings serve as a warning to the reader of what the wrath of God can bring.  Angelogists have a certain interest in these creatures because they have quite an air of shadowy mystery surrounding them.
    Fallen angels can be split into two main groups namely: the angels who sided and allied with Satan during the war in Heaven and the fallen  Grigori.  In both of these cases the angels tuned on God, their creator, by misusing the free will that had been granted to them by God.

  • False Arrival Apparition: is a phenomenon whereby the percipient hears and sometimes less frequently sees another person arrive.  This usually occurs half an hour or an hour or so before the person actually arrives.  

  • False Awakening: is a phenomenon whereby a person believes that they have woken up, but they are still actually dreaming.

  • Fetch: A spectral double of a living person.

  • Fool, The (Tarot Card Meaning):
    Upright -
    Beginnings, most probably of journeys which may be possibly mental, physical or spiritual.  The beginning of a new life-cycle.  Energy, force, happiness and optimism.  The overturning of the status quo or existing states by unexpected happenings.  Innocence, naivety, and spontaneity.  Important decisions to be made.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Ill advised risks, impulsive action, choices and rash decisions.  Foolishness, gambling, instability and the wasting or frittering way of creative energy.  A bad time for commitments and can be an indication of someone who starts many new things but never finishes them.  They may also consistently seek changes in their environment or job.

  • Tarot Cards - The Five of Cups:
    Upright -
    A need to re-order and re-evaluate priorities.  Union and espousal.  Dishonour that cannot be overcome, loss defeat.  There is a need to curb futile belligerence and accept the inevitable.  Worry and regret, broken engagements and emotional letdowns.  Emotional or monetary legacies.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - The overturning of a way of life.  False starts.  Worries which arrive both unexpectedly and from an unexpected source.  Ill luck which leaves a feeling of being bereft.  Worries and anxieties.   

  • Tarot Cards - The Five of Pentacles:
    Upright -
    Redundancy, loss of financial stability, material worries, poverty.  A warning of money troubles lying ahead, however there is a suggestion that restriction in certain areas may open doors in others.  Avenues yet to be explored, a message of not being too despondent.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Long term unemployment.  Lack of success.  Poverty and destitution.  Adversity that may be overcome was it not for a lack of imagination or ability to be less obstinate.                

  • Tarot Cards - The Five of Swords:
    Upright -
    Defeat, loss, failure, dishonour, a need to curb futile belligerence, accept the inevitable and swallow pride.  Negative thoughts and attitudes.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Paranoia, indecision, malice, spite or someone acting as such in your affairs.

  • Tarot Cards - The Five of Wands:
    Upright -
    Problems and possibly upheaval that simply cannot be avoided.  Minor irritations may also occur, but whatever the circumstances, i.e. tests, opposition, trouble strife; great mental agility and the use of ones inner mental resources will be needed to triumph.  Success can be achieved but only through relentless hard work.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Trickery, fraud, defeat, hurt and ruin.  Litigation and legal wrangles that could be avoided.  Spiteful conversation and unnecessary competitiveness.

  • Tarot Cards - The Four of Cups:
    Upright -
    Time to re-evaluate an all too familiar environment, dissatisfaction and boredom.  The need to search for a more stimulating way of life.  Apathy, dwelling on past experience.  Love that turns to familiarity.  Happiness that has reached its peak.  Possibly the establishment of a family.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - All kinds of excess, ill health or fatigue as a result of over indulgence.  The overturning of a way of life.  Rapid change resulting in new anxieties.  Excitement for its own sake that brings little or fleeting pleasure.  A low boredom threshold.

  • Tarot Cards - The Four of Pentacles:
    Upright -
    Financial and material security.  An increase in power and authority in business, through influence and wealth.  Business and monetary obstacles will be overcome.  Promotion.  Force is not needed to achieve law and order, it can be done through negotiation.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Lack of an ability to delegate work, bureaucracy that destroys individual initiative.  Greed.  A fear of losing that which is familiar and established which in turn makes for opposition to change.

  • Tarot Cards - The Four of Swords:
    Upright -
    Retreat, withdrawal, peace established through arms. Rest, recovery, hospitalisation, recuperation from battle and relief from anxiety or sorrow.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Banishment, enforced isolation, seclusion, imprisonment, cowardice, depression and failure of nerve.

  • Tarot Cards - The Four of Wands:
    Upright -
    The fruits of one's labour, hard work resulting in the successful completion of a project.  This is the card of the professional man: an innovator or renowned designer.  The establishment of culture, Refinement, charm, attractiveness and splendour.  Depending upon the surrounding cards, there is a possibility of romance.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Happiness that is unorthodox in nature.  A life ruled by superfluous and artificial constraints and rules.  Tradition which leads to innate snobbery and superiority and exceptional and profound reliance upon ceremony, decorum and routine.  A period of respite before successfully concluding a project.



  • Ganzfeld:  the name of a technique in parapsychology that is used in the investigation of ESP.  A subject normally wears halved table tennis balls over the eyes while listening to a hissing sound through headphones.  This sound is often referred to as 'white noise'.  The experiment is conducted in this way in order to help the subject experience the absence of patterned stimulation which is useful in the study of ESP.

  • Gargoyle:  a name given to a grotesque carving which is usually in the form of a human or animal mouth, head or body, projecting from the gutter of a building.  This type of carving is often found in Gothic architecture and its practical function is usually to act as a spout or drain to channel away rainwater.  The grotesque nature of the carving is also thought to serve as a frightening deterrent to ward off bad luck or evil spirits.

  • Geomancy: is an ancient form of divination which involves either, the scattering of handfuls of soil, earth or other materials on the ground, or markings made in the earth or sand, in order to make 'a range of dot configurations which can then be "read" by a seer'.

  • GESP (General Extra Sensor Perception): is a term that refers to a form of ESP that when it occurs, it is particularly unclear as to whether or not the results were due to clairvoyance, precognition, retrocognition or telepathy.

  • Ghost: The image of a person witnessed after his/her death, reflecting the appearance of the living, physical body yet less substantial. These forms often seem to exist in a dream-like state of semi-awareness, at times though not always cognizant of their human observers.

  • Ghostly Transport: is a phenomenon that challenges the commonly held view that ghosts are spirits of the dead.  There are a wide variety of reports about phantom vehicles or ghostly forms of transport some forms reported more often than others.  

  • Globule: An anomaly where-in floating, circular forms appear on photographs or videotape, which seem indicative of spirit activity. Globes are a natural containment formation of the miniscus of liquid, as in gas containing bubbles; perhaps the interaction of energy and a quasi-physical substance produced by spiritual manifestations results in a similar effect, the globules being an initial containment of energy. Presently, all we know is that they continue to appear, and extraneous possible causes such as moisture, light refraction or emulsion seepage, etc., have been considered and ruled out.

  • Glossolalia: The ability or phenomenon to utter words or sounds of a language unknown to the speaker, especially as an expression of religious ecstasy.

  • Golden-rod: A rare anomaly seen in videotape recorded at the site of a suspected haunting, appearing as bright, white or yellowish lines rapidly moving across a room.                                    

  • Grigori: is the collective name for a group of angels who lost grace, they are also known as watchers.    


  • Hallowe'en:  a shortened version of the name 'All Hallows Even'. It marks 'The Eve of All Saints' which occurs each year on the 31st of October.  This is also the last night of the year in the early Celtic Calendar.

  • Hallucination:  this is the apparent perception of an external sense or object or datum that is not actually present.  It is also a mental state of being deceived, mistaken or deluded; an unfounded idea or belief or an illusion.

  • Tarot Cards - The Hanged Man:
    Upright - Devotion to a worthwhile cause.  Temporary suspension of progress.  Flexibility of mind and a willingness to adapt to changes.  Sacrifice in the present to reap benefit in the future.  A waiting period. Rebirth. Sacrificing one thing to obtain another.  Transformation.  Circumstances literally turned on their head.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Loss.  Lack of commitment.  Preoccupation with selfish and material things.  Despite drawbacks a preference for the status quo.  Oppression.  Apathy in pursuit of goals.  Taking the view 'Better the devil you know'.  Failure to act with an inability to move forward or progress.

  • Haunted:  if something is haunted it is usually said to be a place, object or an area that is much visited by ghosts or spirits etc.

  • Haunting: The manifestation of a ghostly presence, or presences, attached to a specific locale. Hauntings can be categorized into four (usually) distinct types, these being Intelligent (responsive), Poltergeist (likely initiated by pent-up stress on a subconcious level), Residual (replay) and Demonic (non-human origin).

  • Healer: according to the Fourth Edition American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language the latter is 'one that heals or attempts to heal, especially a faith healer'. 

  • Healing: is, according to the dictionary means to: make hale, sound, or whole; to cure of a disease, wound, or other derangement; to restore to soundness or health.  Today in the West, when a person is ill they will normally go and visit a doctor who will make a diagnosis and then prescribe the relevant treatment to make the person better.  There are however many different forms of healing,

  • Tarot Cards - The Hermit:
    Upright -
    Caution. Discretion. Need for prudence.  Counsel sought and taken.  Inner calm.  A need to reach into one's inner resources.  Assimilation.  Planning. A wise guide or spiritual mentor.  A time to stand back and reflect upon circumstances
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Refusal of counsel or assistance.  immaturity.  Isolation from others.  A negative resistance towards help. Groundless suspicions about the motives of others.  Imprudent actions or decisions. The continuation of bad habits or unproductive lifestyles.  Foolish obstinacy.  The reliance on one's own resources that are inadequate.

  • Hex: A magical working, or "spell," cast to influence a person's will or fate, most often refering to a curse rather than a blessing or healing.

  • Holy Grail & Holy Thorn: these are two sacred relics both related to, and from the time of Jesus.  Legend has it that Jesus actually once visited England with his tin-trading uncle. 
    According to this legend, while St. Joseph was at Glastonbury his staff rooted into the ground, and duly burst forth into a great thorn tree.  After the death of Jesus it was here too, that in the well of a nearby church, St. Joseph concealed the Holy Grail.  This Holy Grail was in fact, the chalice from which Jesus drank, during the Last Supper and the same chalice that was used to catch drops of his blood which fell from his wounds during his crucifixion. 

  • Holy Spear: is the spear, said to have been thrust into the side of Jesus on the cross, by a centurion called Gaius Cassius Longinus.  The spear also goes by the name of 'The Lance of Longinus' and 'The Spear of Destiny'.  The Holy Spear is said to possess great powers especially the power to grant great success in battles.

  • Hope Diamond: is described as being "torn from the brow of a temple god and cut into the world's most valuable gem, the Hope Diamond bewitched kings and was at the heart of the French Revolution.  But it also brought tragedy and death to those who owned it.."
    The Hope Diamond is believed to have come from the Kollur mine near Golconda in India.  It first came to attention in the 1660's when a French explorer Tavernier noticed the then 112 carats of golf ball shaped blue stone, gleaming on the forehead of a temple idol.  At that point in time it was roughly three times the size that it is today. 

  • Hypnosis: A state of profound mental focus, actually self-induced although an external agent - a "hypnotist" - often acts as the catalyst, or director, for the subject entering this state.  


  • Icon: A rendering or image of particular (often religious) significance.

  • Ideokinesis:  is the use of specific images that you see moving in the body to release chronic muscular holding patterns. By using the mind's intention to move in the opposite direction of the habitual contraction, you can effectively release muscle tension.

  • Ideomotor effect:  an event or act initiated by an idea; denoting or relating to a motor action stimulated by an idea. 

  • Imbolc: In the Wiccan calendar, February 2nd is celebrated as the day when winter's end is in sight, and the return of the sunn's warmth is anticipated. Also known as Candlemas and the familiar Ground Hog Day.

  • Incantation:

  • Incline Effect: is an increase in a subject's performance in a PSI test, when the same test is repeated.  The opposite of this is the decline effect.

  • Incubus: Stemming from medieval lore, a demonic entity capable of sexually arousing and sometimes assaulting human females. Cases of apparent incubus attacks continue to be documented, suggesting a germ of reality behind the myth.

  • Infestation: Repeated and persistent paranormal phenomena, generally centered around a particular location or person(s). Also known as a haunting.

  • Influence: An invisible entity of undetermined nature, effecting the inhabitants of a dwelling. This may initially manifest as an inexplicable feeling of uneasiness, then be followed by more definite signs which reveal a haunting.                                                                                                 


  • Jamais Vu:  comes from the French, meaning literally, never seen.  It is the complete opposite of the French term dejjavu, meaning literally, already seen.  To a person experiencing jamais vu, something which has been experienced on a number of occasions or something familiar to the subject now feels as if it is being experienced for the first time.  This in contrast to a feeling that something has been felt or experienced before as in a case of dejjavu.  Jamais vu is often associated with certain forms of epilepsy and amnesia. 

  • Jersey Devil: "the supposed mythical creature of the New Jersey Pinelands, has haunted New Jersey and the surrounding areas for the past 260 years. This entity has been seen by over 2,000 witnesses over this period.

  • Joy Touch: is a meditative technique devised by Pete A. Sanders Jr. who is based in Sedona, Arizona. Similar to a form of meditation which concentrates on the third eye in the middle of the forehead; the basic technique is to imagine a line from the center of the forehead to the center of the brain and then visualize gently brushing this region.  The Joy Touch technique is said to help with things like weight loss, feeling good, paranoia, phobias, life-threatening illnesses and much more.

  • Judge: a person who is responsible for comparing targets and responses in a Psi experiment.

  • Tarot Cards - Judgement:
    Upright - Changes and improvements.  Satisfactory outcome to a specific matter or period of life.  Joy in accomplishment.  Awakening.  Rebirth.  A good time for career moves. renewed, health, vitality and mental clarity.  Sometimes indicates important pending decisions that will change the pattern of life for  the better.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Stagnation.  Delay in concluding a series of actions.  Fear of change and sometimes fear of death.  Lack of progress due to lack of important decision making.  Loss and separation, not necessarily permanent.  Guilt.

  • Tarot Cards - Justice:
    Upright - Amicable and favourable resolution of conflicts.  Triumph over bigotry and prejudice.  Legal action.  Litigation. Contracts.  Settlement.  Divorce.  Sometimes marriage depending upon the other cards and normally only when marriage contracts, legal or financial documents are a necessary part of the intended union.  Clarity. Fairness. Arbitration. A straightforward choice.  Judgement.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Injustice.  Inequality and bias.  Separations not yet ratified or legalised.  Delay. imbalance.  Confusion surrounding legal or tax affairs.  Complicate negotiations.  unfair or delayed judgement.



  • Ka:  is an ancient Egyptian term for the astral body or the double. 

  • Karma:  an ethical doctrine of the Hindu and Buddhist religions, based upon the principal that "as one sows, so shall one reap".   

  • Key Cards:  are used normally in a card-guessing experiment and are used as reference cards to indicate each target alternative.

  • Tarot Cards - The King of Cups:
    Upright - 
    A person who commands respect, but not love.  A man of business or law, considerate and responsible.  He is kind but ambitious and a skilled negotiator.  He is a born manipulator, someone who has arrived in a position of power by the use of brain as opposed to brawn.  He avoids taking people into his confidence and often works in secret or behind the scenes.  He is a seeker of power, with hidden motives, often distrusted or feared by those around him.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - A violent, unscrupulous, dishonest man who is likely to be involved in double dealing.  His only responsibilities are to himself and he has no moral sense.  He may involve his associates in scandal, vice, dishonesty, corruption and evil, as he himself may be drawn.

  • Tarot Cards - The King of Pentacles:
    Upright -
    A loyal and dependable leader who is neither particularly intelligent or imaginative.  He is trustworthy, patient, cautious and uses his inborn wisdom to increase his wealth.  He is slow to lose his temper, but once angered he stands rigid against his enemies.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - A person who is easily bought, dull, very materialistic and mercenary.  He is blind to beauty and hates change as he finds it hard to adapt.  He treads a well worn path even if it leads nowhere.

  • Tarot Cards - The King of Swords:
    Upright -
    This king is certainly a ruler.  This man is a law-maker, someone with a rational, alert and inventive mind.  An advocate of law and order, and modernity to the expense of tradition.  He has a tendency to be somewhat overcautious and leaves on project quickly to star on another.  A man of independent judgment and an achiever in what he does.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - The probability of great disruption and contempt for the weak.  An abuse of power and authority.  A calculating, obstinate man, capable of utmost evil to achieve his aims and desires.

  • Tarot Cards - The King of Wands:
    Upright -
    A charming, responsible, loyal, entertaining, witty, honest, conscientious and generous person.  A lover of the home and family life.  A very passionate and virile man who is good at moral support and encouragement.  When pushed or provoked he acts without hesitation, but can sometimes find this hard as he can often see both sides of an argument.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - He has an inability to understand or appreciate another's point of view, particularly if they are coming from a lower moral standpoint than his own.  He is intolerant, narrow minded and a bigot with deep prejudices.  He has a ruthless streak and cares little for the feelings of others.

  • Kirlian Photography: Named after Semyon Kirlian who, in 1939, discovered - reportedly by accident - that when an organic or nonliving object is placed upon a photographic plate and subjected to a high electric current, a glowing "aura" forms around the object and is imprinted on the film.      

  • Tarot Cards - The Knight of Cups:
    Upright - 
    Change and new excitements, particularly of a romantic nature.  invitations, opportunities, and offers.  A person who is a bringer of ideas, opportunities and offers.  He is often constantly bored and in constant need of stimulation, but also artistic and refined.  A person who is amiable, intelligent full of high principals, but a dreamer who can be easily led or discouraged.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Unreliability and recklessness.  Fraud, embezzlement, false promises and trickery.  A person who is congenital liar, someone who has trouble discerning the end of the truth and the beginning of falsehood.

  • Tarot Cards - The Knight of Pentacles:
    Upright -
    An impassive, indifferent and stoical person, who does not always appreciate the feelings of others.  A very traditional person who is clever in monetary affairs, patient and hardworking.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - A greedy and grasping person, sometimes self satisfied and smug.  Depending upon the surrounding cards may indicate that finances have reached a break even point or even a standstill.

  • Tarot Cards - The Knight of Swords:
    Upright -
    A clever, skillful and active person, courageous and strong, always at his best in a difficult situation.  He may have a tendency to dominate and depending upon surrounding cards, his movement may be either in or out of the querent's life for either better or worse.  He is the archetypal warrior.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - The card reversed, lends itself to someone who is impetuous, sly and deceitful, fierce in action with little staying power.  A starter but not a finisher of things.  Quarrels may be indicated, but this depends upon surrounding cards.  Application of great force and energy becomes 'simple-minded indulgence'.

  • Tarot Cards - The Knight of Wands:
    Upright -
    A lover of action, this is the card of someone who has a well-liked, energetic, confident, but sometimes unpredictable nature.  He has an engaging temperament and his actions sometimes a little swift do tend to make sense with hindsight.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - This person's enthusiasm is so great it becomes at odds with those around.  Someone who enjoys discord, arguments, strife and trouble just for the sake of it and actively seeks to cause it.  Card may also indicate delayed journeys.



  • Laying on of hands:  a form of healing practice that involves the healer placing his or her hands near the body of a sick person.  For more information see also: absent healing, faith healing, spiritual healing and reiki.. 

  • Lepke: A very unique and interesting type of spiritual manifestation, a ghost which has the appearance of a solid, living person, may even converse with someone, then suddenly vanishes. Such apparitions are most often reported to have been encountered within, or immediately outside of cemeteries.

  • Levitation: A phenomenon sometimes encountered in hauntings, particularly with Poltergeists, rare yet credibly reported, where solid objects (including persons) are moved and lifted by an unseen force. The first historcally documented occurance was that of St. Francis of Assisi in the 14th century.

  • Ley Lines: are alignments of ancient sites stretching across the landscape. Ancient sites or holy places may be situated in a straight line ranging from two to several miles in length.  A ley may be identified simply by an aligned placing of marker sites, or it might be visible on the ground for all or part of its length by the remnants of an old straight track.'

  • Lilith: Devil of Sumerian origin and later included in Hebrew beliefs, believed by Quabbalists to have been the first wife of Adam, later excluded from the Talmud, and held by some occultists to be a vampire goddess and a powerful succubus. 

  • Lore: Collective beliefs and legendry relating to a subject, as in "vampire lore".

  • Tarot Cards - The Lovers:
    Upright - Harmony and union, choices to be made using intuition and not intellect.  Difficult decisions to be made not necessarily about love.  Some form of test and consideration about commitments.  Abstract thought, internal harmony and union, second sight.  Possibly a struggle between two paths.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Contradiction, deception, disharmony, duality and one's own internal conflict.  Infidelity, and romantic disturbances.  Indecisiveness, postponing choices and a warning not to make important decisions at this time.

  • Lucifer: Name taken from the Latin "luci" (light) and "fere" (to bear), originally a Roman lesser deity, "Son of the Morning," formerly the name for the planet Venus when observed at dawn, in Christian theology identified with the Devil: arch regent of fallen angels. 

  • Lurking Enigma: "Lurk" means to furtively move about, and I can think of no more appropriate term to describe this phenomenon - a type of entity which can be visable to human observers, yet appears in distorted, unidentifiable forms. 

  • Lycanthrope: A person who projects a frenzied display of their innate savagery for periodic episodes, believing themselves to be overcome by the spirit of a beast.                   


  • Macro-PK: relates to psychokinetic effects which can be observed directly instead of effects that are merely inferred by statistical analysis.  The opposite to this is Micro-PK, where the effects cannot be directly observed but only inferred from the statistical analysis of data.

  • Magic: The practice of directing psychic ability, or "supernatural" forces to effect changes and fulfill desires. Many modern practitioners have adobted the archaic spelling of magick, in the tradition of author and occultist, Aleister Crowley (b. 1871, d. 1947).

  • Tarot Cards - The Magician:
    Upright -
    Mastery of the material world, creative action, self discipline and a willingness to take risks.  An ability to recognise one's own potential, the power to initiate, communication and wit.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Confusion, hesitation, inability to make decisive choices.  Inability to properly utilise time or talents.  Lack of inspiration or energy.  Giving up easily, poor self image, poor co-ordination and sometimes learning difficulties.

  • Magic Spells:

  • The Major Arcana: is at the heart of the Tarot.  A whole range of human life and experience is represented by the Major Arcana.  It is symbolic of physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual aspects of humankind.  The cards are thought to illustrate the strengths, hopes and fears, weaknesses, the most godly and darkest parts of an individual.

  • Mannegishi: are creatures that belong to the mythology of the Cree Indians of eastern Canada. They are described as pygmy, human-like entities, that resemble  'little men', with long thin legs and arms.  They are said to have twelve fingers (six on each hand).  Their round hairless, heads, with large eyes and no nose, are apparently quite big in comparison to their small bodies.  According to the Cree Indians, the mannegishi are responsible for the pictographs found on rocks in the area, and their dwelling places are among the rocks near rapids.  It is said that they are great tricksters and apparently enjoy playing pranks and jokes on humans.  

  • Manzee: Hypothesized hybrid of Homo sapiens (human) and pan troglodyte(chimpanzee), also referred to as a "sport". A disturbing notion, is it not?

  • Mediums: are persons who claim they can communicate with and even rely messages from deceased persons.  These messages are thought to come from the beyond the grave and are normally intended for the living relatives of the deceased. 

  • Metaphysics: Said to have been instituted by Aristotle, the line of philosophical thought which seeks the "why and wherefore," the intrinsic meaning of existence and human endeavor.

  • Miracle: A wonderous and beneficial event, apparently brought about by supernatural/divine agent.

  • Materialization: A ghost appearing visually, suddenly or gradually, sometimes indistinct, sometimes seemingly quite solid.

  • Matrixing: The natural tendancy for the human mind to interpret sensory input, what is perceived visually, audibly or tactiley, as something familiar or more easily understood and accepted, in effect mentally "filling in the blanks."

  • Tarot Cards - The Moon:
    Upright - 
    Imagination. Dreams and psychic impressions.  Sometimes psychic work.  Illusions.  Inability to see things clearly sometimes resulting in personal depression.  Sometimes signifies fiction writing or acting, particularly work in the entertainment industry.  Losing control of one's daily life.  The unconscious mind.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Exaggerated forms of the above.  The need for secrecy.  Deception.  Illusion.  Escape into daydreams to avoid dealing with reality.  Inability to discern reality from illusion.  Insincere people.  Hidden forces.  Trickery.  Sometimes an inability to tell the truth.  Despair and a desperate need for help.

  • Moon Madness: As the Lunar cycle waxes to its full point, incidents of psychotic behavior, violence and crime seem to escalate. To a lesser degree, the phase of the New Moon seems correlated to a rash of abnormal behavior. Current understanding of human psychology and physiology refutes the observation that our moon can exert significant influence on the human mind, 'though statistics support it. (Hence the term "lunatic" for crazy person.) Naturally, it is during the nights of the full Moon when cult activities will be at their zenith. Also, there are those pesky werewolves to contend with!

  • Mumiai: Native American Indian spirit which behaves in the manner of a Poltergeist.                                                 


  • Nanteos Cup: During the Reformation in the 1520's, when King Henry VIII ordered the closing and destruction of England's Catholic monasteries, the monks of Glastonbury Abbey bequeathed a small, unassuming vessel made of olive wood to the stewardship of a certain family in Wales, saying only that it was their greatest treasure. The remnant of this bowl is now in the keeping of the last living member of this family. Many believe this to be the actual 'Holy Grail,' the cup of which Christ partook at the Last Supper, and whice, the legend tells us, was conveyed to Cornwall in A.D. 37 by Joseph of Arithamathea (who, as a prosperous tin merchant, would have been familiar with this trade route). Healings have been attributed to the Nanteos Cup.

  • Naturopathy:  is a way of treating illness that relies on a system of therapy involving natural remedies, such as sunlight supplemented with diet and massage.

  • Nazca Lines: In the Nazca Valley of southern Peru are etched enormous tracings of figures of a club wielding man, a plendid spider, a horse, a duck and other figures. Estimated to have been painstakingly etched into the rocky soul more than a millenia ago, these enigmatic representations can be beheld in their entirety only from an arial viewpoint (by ancient, sub-equatorial balloonists. perhaps?).

  • NDE's (Near Death Experiences): this phenomenon is usually experienced when someone is really close to death.  Often persons who have experienced a near death experience report a feeling of having left their physical body, moving through a darkness or tunnel, encountering the presences of deceased loved ones, and sometimes other entities which have been likened to both God and the Devil.  Often an all embracing and describable light or menacing darkness is reported.  After regaining consciousness and the ability to communicate, most persons who have encountered a near death experience often say that the event was totally life changing.  They often report that they have glimpsed the whole meaning of life or have been imparted with information far beyond ordinary human capabilities. 

  • Necromancy: The practice of communicating with the dead to obtain knowledge of the future, others' secrets, etc. An archaic term, the necromancer was said to employ magic spells and conjuration to summon, then banish, the spirits of the dead.

  • Nexus: The transitional, or joining point connecting physical matter (which, in a sense, is energy condensed) and pure energy, and containing properties of both definites, i.e. the physical brain producing a mind through its network of dendrites and firing axions, or the body's connection to the spirit. The concept of the Nexus is the basis for much conjecture and postulating.

  • Tarot Cards - The Nine of Cups:
    Upright -
    An assured future, satisfaction, contentment and physical well being.  Overcoming difficulty.  Emotional stability, a benign outlook.  Inner security which radiates a general aura of goodwill.  Liberality, generosity of spirit, feelings of well-being.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Falling into error, complacency, vanity and self indulgence.  Shortage of money due to spendthrift tendencies or loss of credit cards.  Sentimentality and an overlooking of the faults in others which can lead to abuse of hospitality.

  • Tarot Cards - The Nine of Pentacles:
    Upright -
    The enjoyment of hard earned success.  Financial gains made from unexpected sources, such as: monetary gifts, winnings, inheritances and settlements.  Unearned income possibly from a divorce settlement.  Popularity, common sense and order arising out of chaos.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Affluence obtained via deception.  Theft, swindling and pilfering.  Corruption and success earned from the backs and misfortunes of others.  This card also warns that present calm and stability will not be sustained.

  • Tarot Cards - The Knight of Swords:
    Upright -
    A clever, skillful and active person, courageous and strong, always at his best in a difficult situation.  He may have a tendency to dominate and depending upon surrounding cards, his movement may be either in or out of the querent's life for either better or worse.  He is the archetypal warrior.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - The card reversed, lends itself to someone who is impetuous, sly and deceitful, fierce in action with little staying power.  A starter but not a finisher of things.  Quarrels may be indicated, but this depends upon surrounding cards.  Application of great force and energy becomes 'simple-minded indulgence'.

  • Tarot Cards - The Nine of Wands:
    Upright -
    Order, discipline an unassailable position.  Any opposition will be defeated.  Courage in the face of attack or adversity and a stability that cannot be removed.  Good health.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Lack or inability to give and take.  Projects pursued that are destined to fail because of their impractical nature.  Delays and disarray.  Card could indicate possible poor or ill health.  A secure position that is no longer.  Personality flaws.

  • Non-religionist: A materialist, one who embraces no formal religious beliefs; a more descriptive term than atheist or agnostic.

  • Nosferatu: Slavic, old world term for vampire, meaning "undead." 


  • Object Reading:  is the use of an object as a focus to gain supernatural or paranormal information or knowledge.  For example a medium may use the watch of a deceased person to find out more about that person. 

  • Occam's Razor:  is a principal of always preferring the simplest explanation of events to any other.
    The principal states: "a person should not increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything, or that the person should not make more assumptions than the minimum needed.
    The principal has played a major role in getting rid of fictitious or unnecessary elements from explanations since as far back as the Middle Ages. 
    There is however some skepticism as to the extent to which the principal can be applied; especially regarding whether or not a person can determine without any doubt that the assumptions or given entities are not needed in an explanation.

  • Occult:  this is something that either deals with or relates to supernatural influences or phenomena.  It is can be something that is only available to those persons that have been initiated and it is usually something that is hidden away or concealed.  Often it is something that lies beyond the realm of human comprehension and is inscrutable and mysterious.  When thinking of the occult it tends to conjure up images of priests hidden away practicing some form of black art or black magic.  The occult is definitely synonymous with the supernatural, mysterious and mystical. 

  • Occultism:  is an esoteric system of practice and belief which assumes that there is the existence of supernatural, paranormal and mysterious forces and entities.  There is sometimes a link with these practices and the devil. 

  • Odour of Sanctity: this is an, as yet, unexplained, beautiful, unearthly scent that is said to exude from a number of holy persons and certain European Saints.

  • Omen:

  • OOBE (Out of Body Experience): is probably one of the most reported and documented forms of astral projection.  It is thought to be when a person's consciousness leaves the physical body.  Out of body experiences are often associated with accidents or anesthesia.

  • Oracle: A prophet, seer and visionary, especially one of renown. Also, a special device whice aids in prognostication, such as a crystal ball. (i.e. "The Mystifying Oracle" of William Fuld's Ouija Board.


  • Pact: The belief, prevalent in the late middle ages through the Renaissance, that someone could trade his or her soul in return for worldly gain.

  • Pagan:  a person who is not a Jew, Muslim or Christian.  it is someone who doesn't conform to mainstream religions but prefers to follow a more polytheistic religion.

  • Tarot Cards - The Page of Cups:
    Upright -
    A symbol of Imagination.  May indicate a time for quiet reflection.  Depending upon surrounding cards: a messenger bringing news of an engagement, marriage or birth.  A reflective, poetic, quiet and artistic person, gentle and kind.  A person with a wealth of knowledge, giving freely his advice.  A person gifted with much foresight.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Depending upon surrounding cards: a deception that will be uncovered.  A failure to make meaningful commitments and shallow self indulgence.  A person with much surface and shallow knowledge, a jack of all trades.  A scheming person that is selfish and keeps his knowledge to himself.  he has an appreciation of the beautiful but is not applied enough to become an artist.  A person who is lazy and given to lies and harmful gossip.

  • Tarot Cards - The Page of Pentacles:
    Upright -
    A meticulous, hardworking man, proud of his responsibilities.  He is essentially honourable, a good administrator, but may sometimes be a little too diligent and overzealous in his duties.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - A person with no sense of humour and full of his own importance.  A person who enjoys the power he wields over those below him.  Depending upon the surrounding cards there may be some unwelcome news concerning monetary matters.

  • Tarot Cards - The Page of Swords:
    Upright -
    A good personal emissary, although sometimes a card associated with spying or surveying others from a detached viewpoint.  A person of grace and dexterity, diplomatic and skilled in the ability to work out the true nature of things.  A person who can negotiate expertly on behalf of his peers.  Detachment is one of the true qualities of this figure.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - A two faced, cunning and possibly vindictive person, with an inability to grasp the nettle.  A seeker of hidden weaknesses in enemies, devious and given to snooping in other people's affairs.  May be an indication of unforeseen events, ill health, or plans being overtaken by events.

  • Tarot Cards - The Page of Wands:
    Upright -
    A trustworthy, reliable young person, with an inborn desire to bring happiness, excitement and light to those around.  This person is a messenger of good news and witty gossip.  A person who is faithful in service to superiors.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Honest qualities, that may turn to petulance.  Someone who believes they are trustworthy, but all the time being unfaithful.  A person unable to keep a confidence someone who betrays trust and spreads gossip.  The card can also indicate journeys that are delayed or a change of addres.


  • Palmistry:  is the art of assessing a person's character and foretelling their future by reading the various features and lines on the palm of their hand.  Another name for fortune telling is chiromancy. 

  • Pantheism: can mean two things; it can be a doctrine that identifies God with the whole universe and all of its associated phenomena, in other words there is no God as such, but the combined force and laws which are manifested in the existing universe constitute God.  Another term for this is cosmotheism. 

  • Tarot Cards - The High Priestess or Papess:
    Upright -
    Intuition, wisdom and secret knowledge, the feminine side of the male personality.  Something remains yet to be revealed, but patience must be observed. Duality and mystery.  Hidden influences affect both home and work and intuitive insight suggests new solutions.  The influence of women.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Lack of personal harmony and problems resulting from a lack of foresight.  Suppression of the feminine or intuitive side of the personality.  Facile and surface knowledge.  repression and ignorance of true facts and feelings.  In women, an inability to come to terms with other women or themselves.  Things and circumstances are not what they seem.

  • Parallel Universes: are thought to be universes that exist alongside that of our own.  They could be very similar in nature to our universe or they could in fact be very different. 

  • Paranormal: The realm of occurances and phenomena removed from those to which people are accustomed and comprehend, and presently uncategorized by standard academia.

  • Parapsychology: The avenue of paranormal studies and research relating chiefly to psychic abilities (e.s.p., telepathy) and spiritual phenomena.

  • Pentacle/Pentagram: The traditional five-pointed star design, with its interior pentagon dilineated, generally representing both spirituality and protection when point "up"; when inverted, it is said to signify diabolism.

  • Tarot Cards - The Suit of Pentacles:
    is a suit of the minor arcana

  • Phantom Lights: Sometimes they can be attributed to blue methane flame produced by swamp gas, or electrical discharges in the form of what is termed ball lightning or perhaps even misplaced fireflies. Yet, in other instances, the phenomenon of floating lights observed over water, the edge of woods, , lonely backroads and in the windows of darkened houses just can't be dismissed by ordinary explanations. These might be globules which coalesce and intensify in luminosity to the point where they become visible in dark surroundings.

  • Philosopher's Stone: A wonderous beacon of sublime wisdom and awesome revelation, a powerful conjurer's device, perhaps even an extraterrestrial gem encoded with unimagined, otherworldly knowledge. For centuries alchemists, mystics, learned men and seekers of truth questted for the fabled Philosopher's Stone, ,not really knowing where or even precisely what it was. Oncee obtained, it would impart the wisdom of the world and of the angels. Should this actually exist and is in someone's possession, ,it may well be regarded as one more enigmatic artifact, since it is unlikely to include instructions!

  • Poltergiest: German for "noisy ghost." This is an extremely rare occurance wherein random objects are moved and sounds produced by an unseen force, the sole purpose of which seems to be to draw attention to itself. The phenomenon always involves a specific individual, frequently a child or adolescent. 

  • Pooka: according to Irish tradition and folklore this creature is a mythical supernatural creature which assumes the guise of a malevolent horse.

  • Tarot Cards - The Pope or Hierophant:
    Upright -
    Ritual and routine, religious guidance and authority, education in its formal sense.  A seeker after knowledge and wisdom.  Good sound advice, teaching and constructive counsel.  Marriage, partnerships and morality.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Misleading or dubious advice, poor counsel, slander and propaganda.  Beware of first impressions.  Distortion of truth and a bad time for signing agreements.  Misleading advertisements.  Unconventionality and rejection of family values.

  • Possession: Invasion of the human mind by a spiritual or demonic entity, where the invading agent for a span of time, influences or entirely subverts the personality of the human host. It is in these instances that the boundaries of psychology, religion and spiritualism are rendered less distinct.

  • Prayer Power: Using prayers to produce a desired result. 

  • Precognition: The psychic perception of future events or conditions.

  • Psychic: Relating to the psyche, of the mind or soul, rather than the mundane. Psychic is the most familiar and bandied-about term encountered in paranormal research ( "a psychic," "psychic investigation," etc.).

  • Psychic Vampire: This is a term for individuals who seem to instinctively draw and absorb the psychic energies from others, usually while conversing with (or at) them.

  • Psychokinesis: A psychic pnemomenon where-in opjects are remotely inprinted or displaced and moved around, solely by the powers of the mind (psychic force).    

  • Psychometry:  is the practice of gaining paranormal insights or knowledge from a physical object which is used as a focus.


  • Quantum Mechanics:

  • Quantum Physics:

  • Tarot Cards - The Queen of Cups:
    Upright - 
    A happy card which indicates balance and harmony, also symbolizes high achievements made possible by the use of imagination.  A woman who is highly imaginative and artistically gifted, affectionate and romantic in outlook, and creates an other worldly atmosphere around herself.  A woman who lacks common sense, but is highly intuitive and sometimes psychic and dreamy.  Atmospheres, other people and events can easily influence her.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed -  Fecklessness.  A woman who cannot be trusted someone who is a dreamer, unreliable and cannot be depended upon.  She is swift to change her opinions without reason or good cause.  A woman who is perverse and can be given to hysteria.  She may even lead others to destruction in pursuit of some idle fantasy.

  • Tarot Cards - The Queen of Pentacles:
    Upright -
    A capable and practical businesswoman, who enjoys her material comforts.  She has a responsible attitude to her wealth and uses it to advance the fortunes of those in her inner circle.  She is neither particularly bright nor insightful, but has depth of feeling, with an appreciation of life's pleasures.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - A person that enjoys the company of sycophants to shield her from criticism and uses her wealth to do this.  She is unable to see beyond material possessions or rise above them.  She can be highly changeable with a suspicious and narrow-minded outlook towards things that are either new or that she misunderstands.  Fortune used for displays of grandeur and opulence.

  • Tarot Cards - The Six of Swords:
    Upright -
    Gradual change, movement or travel away form difficulty or imminent danger.  The solution of current problems.  Long journeys and passage from pain.  Obstacles that are overcome.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Developments that are unexpected, temporary relief from difficulties, need for continuing effort and strength.  Once one obstacle is surmounted another presents itself.

  • Tarot Cards - The Queen of Wands:
    Upright -
    A lady of the manor either living in or loving the country.  A very generous, capable and fair person especially in her dealings with people.  A woman who is both fertile in mind and body and a homemaker.  She enjoys social ease due to her charm and is protective towards those in her circle.  The card may also indicate the success of a project.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - A person who has a tendency to dominate or to be bitter; an envious, matriarchal and overbearing woman.  A person who has a cruel very dry sense of humor and tends to image people are out to get her, even though malice was never present or intended.


  • Radiant Child: The apparition of a child which is seen glowing or surrounded by a bright aura.

  • Radiesthesia:  are a collection of theories based upon the assumption that all living organisms emit, radiate or give off a form of emanation or radiation which can be detected by less orthodox methods such as dowsing. 

  • Radionics:  is the use of certain instruments to try to detect radiation or emanations from living organisms.

  • Regents: In medieval Eurpean lore, chief spirits who preside over the four regions of the earth: 'Oriens' is Regent of the east, 'Amemon' is Regent of the south, 'Boul' is Regent of the west, 'Eltzen' is Regent of the north.

  • Reincarnation: The belief that a person's soul will, following bodily death, inhabit a new body in a long cycle of rebirths, purportedly for the soul's evolution through gaining experience.

  • Residual (Haunting): Psychic imprint of a scene which is repeatedly played out, where the witness of such phenomenon essentially is peering into the past. The ghostly participants of these time-displacements often seem unaware of their living observers. 

  • Retrocognition: The psychic perception of past events or conditions.

  • Revenant: An entity which projects an appearance of being distressed or misplaced.

  • Rune: An archaic character inscribed upon a stone or clay tablet, signifying some virtue or property, as with the Norse Runes, and used for divination and as a talisman.  


  • Sacred Relics:  these are relics which have religious links.  Often they are objects that behave in strange or mysterious ways, in a manner that cannot apparently be explained.  Certainly 'The Shroud of Turin' is a very famous sacred relic. Examples include:
    Bleeding Bread of Bolsena
    Holy Grail & Holy Thorn
    Holy Spear
    St. Januarius and his phials of blood
    St. John Kemble's Severed Hand
    The Odour of Sanctity
    Shroud of Turin   
    Weeping Statues 

  • Sagittarius The Archer (Star Sign Meaning): is the ninth and mutable/fire sign of the zodiac.General personality traits of a typical Sagittarian: 
    Positive: Sensual, inspiring, spiritual, very happy, open and honest, doesn't hold grudges, full of enthusiasm, sees the best in others.
    Negative: Fears responsibility, impatient, a risk taker and gambler at heart, argumentative, has a lack of commitment, they believe in their talents and are highly disapproving of those who don't.

  • Saint:  a saint is someone that is recognised officially, especially by canonisation as being entitled to public veneration.  This person is also capable of interceding for people on earth.  They are usually renowned for being extremely virtuous.
    A saint can be a person person who is sanctified, a holy and or godly person, one who is known for piety and virtue; any true Christian, as being redeemed and consecrated to God

  • Salem:  is a city of northeast Massachusetts northeast of Boston. It was founded in 1626.  It gained notoriety  as the site of witchcraft trials (1692) and of Nathaniel Hawthorne's House of the Seven Gables.   The population is currently estimated at around 38,091.

  • Santeria:

  • Sasquatch:

  • Satan:

  • Scorpio The Scorpion (Star Sign Meaning): is the eighth and fixed/water sign of the zodiac.General personality traits of a typical Scorpio: 
    Positive: Secretive, self critical, a piercing nature, inquisitive, passionate, persistent and resolute, captivating, vigorous, loving, passionate, sensual, sympathetic and intense.
    Negative: Jealous, a moody changeable nature, suspicious, sadistic and secretive.

  • Tarot Cards - The Seven of Cups:
    Upright - A need to reflect upon choices.  Sometimes too many choices and opportunities are presented, which need careful consideration if a grave error of judgement is to be avoided.  May refer to a variety of choices of people for example marriage and other partners. The inquirer is faced with several choices one of exceptional promise but great perception is needed for this to be seen.  This card may also indicate mystical experience of an inspiring kind.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Reliance upon false hopes.  Inaction causing the loss of opportunity.  A fear of success.  Self-delusion and indecision.

  • Tarot Cards - The Six of Pentacles:
    Upright -
    Solvency in material affairs, clearance of debts and use of good fortune to the benefit of others.  Repayment of favours. Charity, patronage, sympathy and a kind heart.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Reckless and careless behaviour with money.  Loss of money through carelessness, deceit or theft.  Extravagance.

  • Tarot Cards - The Six of Swords:
    Upright -
    Gradual change, movement or travel away form difficulty or imminent danger.  The solution of current problems.  Long journeys and passage from pain.  Obstacles that are overcome.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Developments that are unexpected, temporary relief from difficulties, need for continuing effort and strength.  Once one obstacle is surmounted another presents itself.

  • Tarot Cards - The Six of Wands:
    Upright -
    The arrival of fantastic, good news.  Success and great public acclaim gained through hard work and effort.  Hopefulness, and satisfaction in what has been achieved.  The surmounting of obstacles through tact and diplomacy rather than use of force.  Victory and triumph.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Indecision, fear that one's enemies are engaging in surreptitious activity.  Fear about the outcome of a situation.  Delayed news or rewards or possibly even bad news.

  • SHC (Spontaneous Human Combustion: is a strange phenomena, whereby someone has apparently burst into flames, without an obvious source of ignition or fire accelerant. A unique trait of this phenomenon, is that when a victim is discovered there will normally be little of their body left. Most of the body will have been reduced to a pile of ash with either a seemingly untouched limb or limbs protruding from the rest of the victim's charred remains.

  • Shroud of Turin:  this is the sindon or burial shroud, that is thought to have been used to wrap the body of Jesus after his death.  It has a human image preserved on it which is thought to be the image of Christ himself.  The shroud is described as being a pale sheet of linen measuring 4.34 metres (14 feet 3 inches) in length, by 1.09 metres (3 feet 7 inches) in width.  It's earliest confirmed history was when it was displayed in 1353 at Lirey in France by it's then owner Geoffrey de Charny I, who was a knight.

  • Tarot Cards - The Six of Cups:
    Upright -
    Harmony, past associations have brought present relationships.  A sense of the past.  Happiness that results from past efforts.  Pleasant memories and the realization of a dream.  Can also indicate new elements entering one's life which are linked to the past, which will work through the present to create the future.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - A hankering after the past and that which is gone and never to return.  Vanity and pride in past success and accomplishment creating a barrier to future success.  A Clinging to the past and outdated habits and customs.  Exaggerated nostalgia.

  • Tarot Cards - The Six of Pentacles:
    Upright -
    Solvency in material affairs, clearance of debts and use of good fortune to the benefit of others.  Repayment of favours. Charity, patronage, sympathy and a kind heart.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Reckless and careless behaviour with money.  Loss of money through carelessness, deceit or theft.  Extravagance.

  • Tarot Cards - The Six of Swords:
    Upright -
    Gradual change, movement or travel away form difficulty or imminent danger.  The solution of current problems.  Long journeys and passage from pain.  Obstacles that are overcome.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Developments that are unexpected, temporary relief from difficulties, need for continuing effort and strength.  Once one obstacle is surmounted another presents itself.

  • Tarot Cards - The Six of Wands:
    Upright -
    The arrival of fantastic, good news.  Success and great public acclaim gained through hard work and effort.  Hopefulness, and satisfaction in what has been achieved.  The surmounting of obstacles through tact and diplomacy rather than use of force.  Victory and triumph.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Indecision, fear that one's enemies are engaging in surreptitious activity.  Fear about the outcome of a situation.  Delayed news or rewards or possibly even bad news.

  • Speaking in Tongues: The ability or phenomenon to utter words or sounds of a language unknown to the speaker, especially as an expression of religious ecstasy. Also called glossolalia.

  • Tarot Cards - The Star:
    Upright - Fresh hope and renewal.  Healing of old wounds.  Hope. renewal of faith and hope.  Spiritual love.  A mental and physical broadening of horizons. Promise and fulfillment.  inspiration.  Influence over others.  Vigour and confidence.  Protection.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Self doubt.  Stubbornness.  Unwillingness or inability to adapt to changing circumstances and accept the opportunities it may bring.  Lack of trust and self-doubt.  Obstacles to happiness.  Diminished life.  Inability to freely express oneself.  Rigidity of mind.

  • Stonehenge: is an arrangement of mysterious stones standing at Salisbury plain.  Stonehenge consists of two circles, the outer one being sarsen stone (sandstone) pillars, formerly supporting lintels (only six remain), the inner one of blue stones.  Inside the latter circle are two series of standing stones each in the shape of a horseshoe.  Again the outer series is of sarsen stones, the inner of blue stones.  None of the horseshoes is complete, some of the stones have fallen and others are missing altogether. You can take a photographic tour of Stonehenge here.
    Inside the innermost horseshoe is a single stone, broken in half, called the Altar Stone and surrounding the outermost circle is a ring of 56 holes called the Aubrey Holes.  Intersecting these, some 80 yards from the Altar Stone is the Heel Stone.
    The sarsen stones are of local origin but the blue stones are generally believed to have been transported somehow from the Prescelly Mountains in the far south-west of Wales.  Radical ideas intermingled with legend has it that the magician Merlin brought them from Ireland to Wiltshire and from Africa by giants.
    Druids first constructed Stonehenge about 4000 years ago during the Neolithic "New Stone Age".  Stonehenge has been modified a few times since then, most recently around 1400 BC during the early "Bronze Age", thus producing the version that exists today.

    The precise function of this awesome monument still remains an enigma.  Some theories include the following:
    -         a solar temple
    -         a lunar observatory
    -         a source of healing energy
    -         an extraterrestrial monument
    There is a body of literature suggests that the stones align with celestial events fuelling the theory that the monument is some form of complex astronomical observatory.
    For example the line between the Altar Stone extends to the precise point of midsummer sunrise.
    Janet and Colin Bord in their book Ancient Mysteries of Britain: 100 years of Strange Events, Grafton, London 1987; have exposed some flaws in some of these alignments thus shedding some doubt on the theory of an astronomical observatory.
    Like many megaliths the stones have been attributed healing properties due to a high magnetic field.  Indeed modern hospital therapy has found that electromagnetism accelerates the healing process of some bone fractures.  This tends to lend some weight to the theory that Stonehenge could have been used as a source of healing energy.

  • Tarot Cards - Strength or Fortitude:
    Upright -
    Courage. Self control. The virtue of Fortitude.  The power of love.  Control of passion against one's baser instincts.  Determination. Generosity.  Strength and power under control.  Energy. Optimism. Generosity, resolve and reconciliation. 
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Power wrongly used.  Defeat. Lack of willpower.  Feelings of inadequacy.  Pessimism. Surrender to unworthy impulses. Tyranny. Concession.  Inability to act.

  • Tarot Cards - The Sun:
    Upright - Contentment and happiness on attaining success.  Good Health.  Material happiness. Mental, physical and spiritual vitality.  New inventors or inventions. Academic and particularly scientific success.  Reward.  Acclaim. Approval.  Children.  Abundance of energy. Achievement.  Joy and happiness.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Troubled partnerships and marriages.  Diminished forms of the above.  Broken engagements and contracts.  Sometimes, autism, learning disabilities or allergies.  Hyperactivity. Failure.  Arrogance. Relationship difficulties.  Vanity.  Hypersensitivity.  Misjudgement.  Delayed Happiness.

  • Sundials: are objects which stand outside and use the sun to calculate the time.  A sundial has a raised area which causes a reflection upon its surface and depending upon where the shadow falls, the time of day can be estimated.

  • Tarot Cards - The Suit of Swords:
    a suit of the Minor Arcana


  • Table-Tilting:  these are the movements which tend to come from the table which is used during a seance. It normally occurs  when there are a group of people with their hands on the surface of the table used in the seance.  Some believe that these movements constitute spirit communications and others believe that it is simply the participants moving the table themselves. 

  • Table-Turning:  is another name for table-tilting and table-tipping.

  • Tachyons:

  • Takionics:

  • Talisman:

  • Tantra:

  • Tarot Cards: The tarot cards consist of 78 cards that are split into two main sections called The Major Arcana (containing 22 cards) and the Minor Arcana (containing four suits, namely: The Suit of Wands, The Suit of Cups, The Suit of Swords and The Suit of Pentacles. Each suit in turn consists of 14 cards each).

  • Taurus The Bull (Star Sign Meaning):
    is the second and fixed/earth sign of the zodiac.General personality traits of a typical Taurean: 
    Positive: A conservative nature, reliable, faithful, calm persevering, patient, bright, smart, inventive, very loving, good at cooking and art.
    Negative: Obstinacy, embarrasses easily, lacks sensitivity, nothing to say, boring, slow to make progress, self indulgent.

  • Teggie: is the Welsh equivalent of Nessie aka the Loch Ness Monster found in Scotland. It is believed to inhabit two lakes in Wales (please note reader comments below), namely Llyn Tegid or Bala Lake.  Typically it is likened to a crocodile or small plesiosaur.  Reports of this creature have been around since the 1920's.

  • Teleportation: is the strange, unusual or paranormal movement of an object to another place. 

  • Tarot Cards - Temperance:
    Upright - Combination.  Co-operation.  Co-ordination.  Innovation through combination.  Diplomacy.  Successful Negotiations.  Maturity in dealing with certain matters.  A placid, balanced temperament and good outlook.  Meaning literally, temperance in the sense of harmony and balance.  good management.  An ability to adapt to changing circumstances.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Imbalance.  Volatility.  Poor judgement.  fickle decisions.  Conflicting interests.  Physical stress.  Disagreements.  Restlessness and instability.  trying to combine too many or the wrong elements in too short an expanse of time.

  • Tarot Cards - The Ten of Cups:
    Upright -
    Lasting happiness and security, although sometimes this may be indicative of being in a rut.  Good reputation and honour, true friendship and happy family life.  Perfect love and concord between people.  A search for fulfillment is marked with success.  A peaceful and secure environment.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - The manipulation of society for personal gain.  Loss of friendship. Family quarrels, Sudden violent disruption of an ordered environment and ordered routine, anti-social actions.  Look for signs of new adolescents or new births.

  • Tarot Cards - The Ten of Pentacles:
    Upright -
    Emotional and financial stability.  Family fortunes, inheritance and prosperity that has been built up and handed down over the generations.  The formation of family tradition.  This card may indicated good fortune regarding a dowry.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - The negative effects of vast wealth and the restrictive effects of long tradition.  Family arguments about money, or the breaking up of an estate after a death.  Card may also indicate burglary.

  • Tarot Cards - The Ten of Swords:
    Upright -
    Ruin, desolation, disruption, although generally this refers to a group rather than an individual.  Sorrow, sudden misfortune, accidents, muggings or personal robbery.  There is some cause for optimism; as the lowest point in the cycle, from now on things can only get better the worst is over.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Only an illusionary lifting of burdens or release from afflictions as suffering will continue.  Sometimes death and violent and extreme change.  Only temporary good fortune.

  • Three of Wands (Tarot Card Meaning):

  • Thixotropy: is sometimes offered as an explanation as to why the blood of St. Januarius allegedly liquefies twice a year.  Thixotropy is actually a property that is exhibited by certain gels (semisoild, jellylike colloids).  A thrixopic gel seems at first to maintain its shape and act and behave like a solid.  However once subjected to forms of disturbance such as shaking, it then flows freely and takes on the properties of a sol or semifluid colloid.

  • Tarot Cards - The Tower:
    Upright - Disruption. Conflict. Change.  Sudden violent loss.  Overthrow of an existing way of life.  Major changes.  Disruption of well worn routines.  Ruin and disturbance.  Dramatic upheaval.  change of residence or job sometimes both at once.  Widespread repercussions of actions.  In the end, enlightenment and freedom.

    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Negativity.  Restriction of desires and imprisonment.  Less sever forms of the above.  Drastic change that may rob the individual of freedom of expression.  Sometimes bankruptcy and imprisonment.  more usually imprisonment within a set of circumstances which cannot currently be altered.  Sudden changes out of one's control.  Less sever forms of the above.

  • Tarot Cards - The Two of Cups:
    Upright -
    Affection, love, the beginnings of a new romance, partnership or friendship. Emotional affinity, sympathy, joyous harmony, the reconciliation of opposites in mutual trust.  Resolved differences.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Separation, dissent, divorce, deceit or unfaithfulness in a personal relationship.  Misunderstandings and quarrels, love not returned.

  • Tarot Cards - The Two of Pentacles:
    Upright -
    Vast change and fluctuations.  A need to balance many skills when planning ahead.  A warning against purchasing items on credit.  The cards indicates: imminent changes and movement, such as news, journeys, communications, money, material preoccupations.  All change must be skillfully navigated with knowledgeable manipulation of life's rules, in order to attain continued success.  There needs to be careful handling of established business.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Fecklessness, reckless elation, and discounting warnings of impending trouble.  Debt, also may indicate over-indulgence in physical pleasures or drunkenness.  Inability to complete a project.

  • Tarot Cards - The Two of Swords:
    Upright -
    Courage, delicate and precarious balance in adversity.  Differences resolved, relief, restoration of peace, truce, a weight off the mind.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Treachery, violence, willful misguidance and misleading advice, betrayal, trickery and deceit.

  • Tarot Cards - The Two of Wands:
    Upright -
    Success that has been achieved through hard work.  Strength of character and will ensuring that ideas come to fruition.  The responsible use of power and wisdom gained through experience.  Wealth obtained legally.  Job-related perks.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Naked ambition that knows no bounds.  The attainment of a worthless ambition.  Riches and fortune obtained illegally, dishonestly or via deception.  Loss of faith in ones own rationale and oneself.


  • Ufology:  The study of UFO's or Unidentified Flying Objects.

  • UFO's (Unidentified Flying Objects):    Over many centuries there have been reports of strange objects in the sky that seem to move very quickly or defy all rational explanation.  The subject of UFO's is quite a contentious one.  Some people believe that were are being visited by aliens in spaceships.  Indeed there have been a number of conspiracy theories and ideas relating to the nature of these objects.  Some of these ideas range from, alleged Government cover-ups right through to one theory about a strange species of as yet unidentified birds.

  • Underworld:

  • Unicorns:

  • Up Through Technique:


  • Vampires: are mythical creatures who try to avoid their own deaths and demise by literally sucking out the blood of their victims.

  • Vanishing Islands & Other Places: these are geographical areas that appear to have vanished without a trace.  There existence often lies in legend or documented in scripts centuries old.  Some reports are based upon scientific speculation.

  • Veridical Dream: a type of dream that corresponds to actual events that can be either past, present, or future, but of which the dreamer is not aware.

  • Virgin Visons: Virgin visions usually take the form of seeing the Blessed Virgin Mary.  They are not an uncommon phenomenon. 

  • Virgo The Virgin (Star Sign Meaning) is the sixth and mutable/earth sign of the zodiac.General personality traits of a typical Virgoan: 
    Positive: Helpful and gentle with the helpless, empathetic and sympathetic, humane, health conscious, charming and witty, affectionate and dedicated.
    Negative: Critical of laziness in others, demanding, untidy, somewhat a hypochondriac, moody, eccentric and anxious.

  • Visions:


  • The Suit of Wands: Suit of the Minor Arcana.

  • Warlock: the official dictionary definition of a warlock is as follows: "a male version of a witch, wizard, magician or conjurer." Some witches find the term highly offensive, when incorrectly applied to them.

  • Weeping Statues: are statues that have the ability to display certain aspects of human behaviour, such as weeping or bleeding.  There have also been reports of paintings that can exhibit this unusual phenomenon.  Although this phenomenon is not exclusive to the Catholic Church, most of its reports in the past have tended to originate from Catholic countries in Europe.

  • Werewolf: These are creatures that are said to turn from humans into wolves.  The plant wolfsbane (monkshood) and shooting the animal with blessed silver bullets, were said to be a deterrent for these creatures.Indeed there is a rare but well recognised psychological condition called lycanthropy that could to some extent explain the phenomenon.  Persons suffering from this disorder often believe that they actually can turn into a wolf.  They are often reported behaving in a wolf-like manner by howling at the moon or attacking people using their teeth and fingernails.  This particular disorder, although rare is occasionally still reported in Europe.There is also a theory that in medieval times persons may have believed they could turn into wolves because of hallucinogenic drugs, derived from plants such as deadly nightshade and henbane.  Ergot a grain-contaminating fungus, which secretes a compound similar to LSD, which promotes illusions and feelings of shape shifting, has also been offered up as a theory for the phenomena.

  • Tarot Cards - The Wheel of Fortune:
    Upright - Effortless success. Good fortune that is unexpected.  Coincidences.  Luck.  The beginning of a new cycle.  Advancement.  Positive upheaval.  Change.  A card of good fortune, the appearance of destiny and Karmic change.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Bad luck that is unexpected.  Resistance to change.  Unexpected interruptions.  A warning against gambling.  Difficulties. Delays.

  • Whistling Ghosts: are a phenomenon that is native to a tiny coral isle in the Southern Gilbert Group.  The whistling ghosts are also known as the taani-kanimomoi or whistlers.  They are believed to be the ghosts of newly deceased relatives, who live in the air and fly up and down the islands learning everything that is going on.  They are said to pass on their knowledge to anyone capable of understanding their whistling speech.

  • Whitchdoctor:

  • White Magic:

  • White Noise:

  • Wizard: is a term that comes from the Old English 'wis', meaning "wise", adept, a sage, or a magician skilled in the summoning of supernatural powers.  Possibly one of the best known wizards in the occult tradition is Merlin who appeared in the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

  • Tarot Cards - The World
    Upright - Accomplishment. Fulfillment. Completion of a personal cycle, project, series of events or chapter in life.  Success.  A culmination of events.  A sense of repleteness.
    Ill Dignified or Reversed - Frustration. Completion delayed.  Sometimes fear of change. Inability to bring something to a satisfactory end.  resistance to change.  Lack of trust.  Despite appearances to the contrary, an indication that events have not yet come to a conclusion but are nearing completion.  Hesitation.


  • Xanadu: is a fictitious place found in Samuel Taylor Coleridge's wonderful but incomplete poem, Kubla Khan, which was published in 1816.
    Xanadu was in fact a place called Shang Tu, the Upper Capital and summer capital of Kubla Khan who was the founder of the great Mongol (Yuan) dynasty. It was located about 180 miles north of Beijing.  Legend has it that Kubla Khan built a great 'garden of delights' with a hedonistic 'pleasure dome' at the centre. It was here that soldiers were drugged and convinced that they were waking up in paradise.  This was a clever ruse used to ensure that they would happily fight in the emperor's battles, under the mistaken belief that eventually they would return to the decadent 'pleasure dome' forever. Coleridge and his poem helped to immortalise this. 
    Unfortunately much of Kubla Khan's life is shrouded in mystery so whether or not such a place actually existed is purely speculative. 

  • Xenoglossy: is the ability to speak or write in a language that has not been learned and appears to be fabricated and non meaningful. This type of  speech can be associated with a trance state or certain schizophrenic syndromes. 


  • Yeren: is a creature often described as a shaggy, red haired ape-man standing 1.5m-1.8m tall or 5 to 6 feet high, with extremely big feet.  The Yeren  is a mystery man beast frequently reported from Asia and the Shennongjia Mountains in central China.  Cryptozoologists believe that it could be a certain species of orang-utans called Gigantopithecus.

  • Yeti: is a creature usually described as a shaggy man-beast that is only ever briefly seen moving across snow swept landscapes, leaving behind very large footprints.  The yeti is also known as the abominable snowman. 

  • Yin & Yang: are two primal forces controlling the whole of the universe according to Chinese philosophy.  It is thought that everything can be categorized by this balancing system of Yin and Yang.  Indeed everything from people, houses and animals, to nations continents and the entire universe, may be determined by the balance or lack of balance of the Yin and Yang.  The ideal balance of Yin and Yang can be summarized in this diagram. The white (Yin) part of the diagram increases as the black (Yang) part decreases.  When one part is at its height then the other is at its lowest ebb.  Sometimes it is assumed that Yin is female and Yang male, however, this is not strictly true.  For example, even though Yin is thought of as a predominantly feminine force, men can still possess it too. 
    Within Yin is the seed of Yang and vice versa, and as such, they form two complementary, yet also opposing forces.  Together Yin and Yang make a whole, neither one is more important than the other.  Below are some examples of how Yin and Yang appear and the opposing natures of these forces.
              Yin              Yang

               water              fire

               night               day

                cold               hot

                south            north

                left                right

  • Yowie: a longhaired, gorilla-like creature that walks on its hind legs. It is described as very muscular, with a black shiny face, two big yellow eyes, a short thick neck, a hole for a mouth with human-like fingers. The yowie is to Australia and Australians what the yeren is to the Chinese.
    Some cryptozoologists believe that it could be some form of marsupial like an ape-man or ape, or that it is a modern-day descendant of Homo Erectus.



  • Zenner Cards: a set of 25 cards made up of symbols used in a card-guessing game to help test for the presence of ESP in an individual.  They are also known as ESP cards and were devised by the perceptual psychologist Karl Zenner. 

  • Zermatism: a form of pseudoscience which was intended to show  that all languages came originally  from a single ancient language and that all art could be distilled down to a single series of universal symbols. 

  • Zeuglodonts: these creatures are supposedly extinct serpentine whales, able to move about on land for short periods of time and for short distances.

  • Zodiac:  is an imaginary belt-shaped region in the heavens, 16[deg] broad, or 18[deg] broad, in the middle of which is the ecliptic, or sun's path. It is made up of and divided into 12 constellations or signs for astrological purposes.  In (Western) astrology it is represented as a circular diagram representing the 12 zodiacal constellations and showing their birth signs.
    There are twelve signs in all and depending upon the date of birth of an individual, a corresponding sign is allocated to that individual.  It is believed that individuals born under any one of the twelve signs will exhibit certain character traits which are associated with those signs.
    The table below shows the twelve signs of the zodiac (Western) and their corresponding symbols.
    Sometimes the zodiac in conjunction with astrology is used in the production of a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly horoscope - this is a method of using the relative positions of the stars to predict a person's future it is a method of divination. 

  • Zombies: are a very real phenomenon typically associated with the voodoo practicing, West Indian country of Haiti on the island of Hispaniola. Zombies are persons who have 'died' but are not really dead, they are alive in a state of being, referred to as the undead. Evil sorcerers called bokors bring their victims back to a zombie state of life.  This life is not a full life but a weird half-life where the zombie is incapable of thinking for itself, and it has no prior knowledge as to who it was. The bokors take their victims to remote areas where they are put to work as slaves. The whole idea of zombies is so ingrained in the psyche of the locals, that even the poorest of peasants are willing to pay quite large amounts of money to have heavy slabs placed on the coffins of their loved ones.  This is thought to deter the bokors.
    An American biologist Wade Davis suspected that some mysterious substances were used in zombification and he set about to find them.  He discovered two noteworthy constituents:
    - tetrodotoxin - obtained from puffer fish - an effective nerve poison, inducing deep paralysis.
    - A fluid - secreted by the skin glands of the highly poisonous cane toad Bufo marinus - an effective hallucinogen and strong anaesthetic.
    Other drugs such as 'zombie cucumber' Datura stramonium were thought to aid in the resuscitation and mind control of the victim.
    It was also found that if persons that had been paralysed using the above drugs and left in their coffins too long, the effects of the mind controlling drug Datura stramonium were enhanced due to oxygen starvation, also adding to irreversible brain damage.
    The idea of a rotting corpse brought back to life possibly has more to do with the work of novels and movies.  However the idea of zombies as drugged individuals, pronounced dead and then buried alive in a coffin awaiting complete brainwashing appears to hold more truth. 

  • Zooform Phenomena: is a term coined by Jonathan Downes, an Exeter-based investigator of mystery animals.  The term describes entities that outwardly resemble animals, but appear supernatural rather than corporeal.                                    

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